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After filling out our submission form, our team will contact you to gather the full scope of your project. Then once scope has been assessed, we will provide a formal quote, lock in dates, location and pricing.


This is the part of the project where our team finalizes the look and style you want for your project. Securing the deposit, scheduling, plan or provide scriptwriting, and all necessary details are accounted for


This is what it is all about! Time to capture video or photo content to enhance your brand, and obtain the essentials to produce a stunning final product .


Where all the magic happens! Our team thoughtfully crafts the best parts of what we captured and turns that into a compelling finished product. 


After providing drafts, allowing for any necessary feedback or alterations. Our team will finalize and deliver the project.

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We are so excited you've made it to this point. Your vision is the upmost importance to us. If you've already completed our qualifying questionnaire above we will reach out as soon as possible. However, if you would like to pick a time and day that best works for you, please don't hesitate to use our scheduler to pick the best time for you.  

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